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On your birthday party, preparation and theme for this special occasion is important and great. This way your guests will be much more excited about the big day and with ideas such as fancy dress costumes, or things to bring along with them, it's very interesting to see how much effort everyone makes.

A brilliant scheme that is very popular, for a more sophisticated adult party, is to host a chocolate themed celebration. Not only will a majority of your guests love the idea, it's also very different from other designs and can be particularly fun to prepare for.

Firstly you need to consider your party decoration. Red and Brown would be good colours to set the theme, as they perfectly compliment each other and can be integrated into tablecloths, balloons, and items such as plates, cutlery and banners to help set your chocolately atmosphere.

Chocolate party supplies such as a chocolate fountain with various appetizers to dip into it (strawberries, marshmallows etc), chocolate nibbles and perhaps a chocolate centerpiece like a huge chocolate fudge cake or a specially designed showpiece made from chocolate, will all help create an excellent impression on your guests.

After preparing your party guest list they now each need a party invitation. Now keeping in theme with your party, there are plenty of great ideas scattered across the net for designing the perfect invitation. Rubber stamps and confetti are always good materials for a homemade design but there are many places that will in fact design the invitation for you. You could even try designing them with traces of chocolate (although this could get messy)

Party products for example party poppers and ribbons or party blowers can be bought in many designs but using nice gold shades of colour could help keep your party at a sophisticated standard. Also if you're still considering supplying your guests with adult party bags, at the end of the evening, these are the perfect things to add to the selection, along with a ‘thank you' note and themed party goods like a small chocolate selection or mini wine tasters.

If you weren't quite searching for the sophisticated area with this theme, why not have fancy dress with the theme chocolate and see what costumes your guests turn up in. Chocolate party games and cheesy music (like ‘you sexy thing' from hot chocolate) would also be a fun way of entertaining the mad ones amongst your company.

Why not feed your desire for chocolate and start designing your own chocolate party? Yum!


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Plan for Your Chocolate Party

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Plan for Your Chocolate Party

This article was published on 2009/11/10