No age for candies and Toffees

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Candies and toffees are not only loved by children but by people of all ages. They are no particular age for eating candies and toffee.

Candies and toffees are not only loved by children but by people of all ages. They are no particular age for eating candies and toffee. Being a favorite among people of all ages there are various types of candies found widely in the market place. The various colors and flavors, designs and packing prevalent make children as well as adults attracted to these candies. Some of the most popular candies which are likes but all are the air heads, albert chews, altoids, the Andes mint and atomic fireballs.

Candy types

1•  The air heads candies are which is very popular among children. The colorful candy balls are true delight to all children. Available in a packet consist of six balls there are various flavors like mystery white, raspberry, cherry, watermelon there are two new flavor which has been added mater punch and burnt rubber. Soft and juicy there are very famous among children. The Albert chewy toffees are also a favorite. The various different flavors like Pink Lemonade, apple chews, popoye chew, peach, strawberry, taffy time, ice cube flavor and many others make it widely preferred among all. As they are small in size and low in price many people prefer to purchase them in bulks. They are mostly available in packets and buckets of 200 -250 counts.

2•  Altoids are the mint toffees. They too are available in various flavors. The flavors are unique and different and innovation which is why most adults are attracted to them more than children. They mostly comes packed in tin boxes of big and small size. The wintergreen, the peppermint, the cinnamon, ginger and spearmint are some attracting flavors of these mint candies. The Andes Mint too is of the similar kind. As they have the minty flavor there are mostly preferred by the adults though some children also love it. The sugar free versions of these mints are also easily available.

3•  The ball shaped cinnamon flavored candies commonly known as the Atomic Fireballs are available in different colors which attract most children and toddlers to it. The various flavors and the colors added to them make them a true delight to the senses.

Toffees and candies are important part of not only daily life but also a various occasion. One such occasion in the baby shower occasion where there are stalls which have special assorted baby shower candies for one and all.

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No age for candies and Toffees

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No age for candies and Toffees

This article was published on 2013/06/11